Proactive Inspection Information

The Code Compliance Division performs routine inspections throughout the entire city. The intent of these proactive inspections is to promote a greater awareness of code requirements so all our communities can enjoy a safe, healthy, and desirable environment.

The inspectors work with residents to obtain voluntary compliance of codes by educating them on property maintenance standards.  Some common violations include dead or overgrown grass/weeds, excessive debris or items stored in public view, and parking on the front yard.  Even though there are many more codes, the above-mentioned items are the most common violations observed within a community.   These types of violations can hurt property values and the quality of your neighborhood.  Click here to view our Common City Codes brochure.

Click on the video below for more information on how Code Compliance is stepping up enforcement and sending inspectors to drive by every house in the city, looking for violations.

What If I Receive A Notice?

If you receive a notice of violation or a final notice of violation from an inspector, you will be given a form that has information on what needs to be corrected and a date for a re-inspection of your property. As long as the corrections are made by that date, the inspector will close the case. If you have questions or require more information, feel free to call us at 623-930-3610.



Be A Good Neighbor
Some ways you can contribute to a clean, safe, attractive neighborhood are:

Keep your yard well maintained. Cut your grass on a regular basis, remove all weeds, and water your lawn to keep it green. If you have a rock landscaped yard, be sure to keep the grass and weeds removed. Click here for information on reduced residential landscape services. 

Only park on approved surfaces. Parking on the front yard causes blight and destroys the landscaping. Click here for more information on parking.

Keep all trash and debris and outside storage out of sight. Place your bulk trash items out only at the scheduled times for pickup. Click here for the bulk trash pickup schedule. 

Keep your swimming pool water clear. Green swimming pools pose a serious health threat. Mosquitoes can carry West Nile virus and other diseases harmful to humans. Click here for more information on how to properly drain your pool.

Be mindful of your pets. Take care to ensure that your dog does not create any unreasonable noises or odors. Animal waste is required to be removed at least twice weekly to avoid odors. Click here for more information regarding barking dogs, feral cats, and odors.