Grants Administration


From the Heart is a unique partnership of Glendale residents, the city of Glendale and local community agencies. 

From the Heart puts your donation to work every day to make life better for countless Glendale residents. Whether serving meals to the elderly, giving emergency help to homeless families or supporting abused children, From the Heart gives agencies that provide services to our neighbors a helping hand.  

How From the Heart Works:
Since From The Heart began in 1997, more than $2.25 million has been raised and distributed to non-profit agencies serving Glendale residents. Every From the Heart dollar stays right here in our community to support social service agencies that serve Glendale residents.

About 15 percent of Glendale utility customers already add a $2 From the Heart contribution to their monthly city utility bill payments. Surepay customers also contribute to the program. Others make their donations by mailing or bringing a check or money order in any amount made out to From the Heart to the City of Glendale’s Customer Service Office on the first floor of the City Hall Complex located at 5850 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, Arizona 85301. 

Donating is easy! 
Making a From the Heart donation is easy. Glendale utility customers can add $2 to their monthly utility bill payments. If you don't receive a utility bill, or you want to donate more than $2 per month, you can mail or bring a check or money order made out to From the Heart in any dollar amount to:

City of Glendale, Customer Service Office 
5752 W. Glenn Dr., Civic Center Annex, Glendale, AZ 85301

How to Apply to From the Heart
From The Heart’s mission is to promote the positive development of youth, strengthen the capabilities of families and assist residents in addressing crisis needs by supplementing the resources of existing community agencies. The program cannot provide grants to individuals.

In order to be eligible for funding, social service agencies must be non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations that serve Glendale residents. Agencies must also be in operation for at least two years prior to applying for grant funds and provide a current IRS status letter. Grants range from $2,500 to $8000. From The Heart funds are collected in the year prior to the one in which they are distributed.

Social service agencies interested in applying to From The Heart must fill out a From The Heart application. The annual application appears on this site each December and is due by late February.  Please see below for  documents relevant to the process and reporting required by agencies awarded grants. 




In 2002, a coalition of Native American tribes successfully obtained passage of Proposition 202, whereby the State was authorized to enter into gaming compacts with individual tribes. The new compacts allowed for expanded tribal gaming devices, additional games and pari-mutuel wagering. In exchange, tribes agreed to share a portion of gaming revenues with the State and its counties, cities and towns.

As a municipality the City of Glendale may be requested by non-profits to support, via City Council resolution, grant applications that will be submitted to one of Arizona’s Native American tribes for shared revenue resulting from gaming as required by the State.  Should the grant be approved by a tribe, the State requires tribes to pass the money through the city to the organization applying for the funds.   The city will serve as a pass through agency only should a grant be awarded and will not be responsible for monitoring, accounting or reporting on how the recipient organization is using the funds.

 The City of Glendale has developed procedures for the equitable and consistent processing of Proposition 202 Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Grant applications that require a supporting City of Glendale City Council resolution. Please contact (623) 930-2480 for more information about this process.