Special Events Licenses

General Overview

Persons wishing to sell consumables and tangible items during a special event is required to hold a business license with the City of Glendale and a transaction privilege tax license with the State of Arizona. 

Liquor License - Special Events Only

All spirituous beverages that are sold at a "special event" or take-out  sales shall have a Glendale Business and liquor license, an Arizona TPT License and special event liquor license with the Arizona Department of Liquor.

Please complete a Special Event Liquor License and submit to the City of Glendale, Tax & License Division at 5850 West Glendale Avenue, Suite 104 or call 623.930.3190 for more information.

No person shall engage or continue in business until he has the proper licenses.

For a list of upcoming events, applications, timelines and more, please view our vendor center page

Planning an Event

Interested in holding an event in the city of Glendale?  Visit our application center for application information and timelines.

If you plan to sell or serve alcohol beverages at your event, a state issued Temporary Special Event Liquor License is required. For more information, click here or contact the City of Glendale Tax & License Division at 623-930-3190.

Liquor License applications must be submitted to the City of Glendale, Tax and License Division, at least 60 days prior to event date or a minimum of 45 days prior and include a nonrefundable application fee of $25 per day of event.

For additional information, please contact Tax & License at 623-930-3190.