Building Codes

Building Codes

2018 IBC (International Building Code)
2018 IRC (International Residential Code)
2018 IMC (International Mechanical Code)
2018 IPC (International Plumbing Code)
2018 IECC (International Energy Code)
2018 IFGC (International Fuel Code)
2018 IFC (International Fire Code)
2017 NEC (National Electric Code)

Americans With Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines
Arizonans with Disabilities Act

2018 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design
2018 IEBC (International Existing Building Code)
2018 IPMC (International Property Maintenance Code)
City of Glendale Revised Sound Attenuation Standards
Maricopa Association of Governments Fireplace Standard
Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines 

Code Amendments
Building Code Amendments - Effective April 26, 2019
Adopted Fire Amendments - 

Building Code Modification

City of Glendale Code Adoption Dates