Project Highlights

See Soundbloom
at Elsie McCarthy Sensory Garden

SoundBloom, a public artwork, was created through a partnership between the City of Glendale Arts & Culture Program, Glendale Parks and Recreation and the West Valley Arts Council's Gallery 37 Program, which matches high school students and master artists in an effort to create and install public art in the West Valley. The selected students earned college credit while working with artists, Betsy Andrews and Lichen Frank, on this project. The resulting public art includes murals on pillars, a steel tree structure and sandblasted designs on concrete seating. The steel tree structure features wind chimes; and desert lavender bushes are planted in between the pillars to enhance the sensory experience of park visitors.


See "Neighborhood Roots"
at Heroes Regional Park Library

“Neighborhood Roots” comes to life at the Heroes Regional Park Library!  The latest Percent for Art project for the City of Glendale was recently unveiled at the grand opening of the Heroes Regional Park Library. Neighborhood Roots: Sugar Beets to Cotton and Beyond by artist Pete Goldlust, celebrates the historic roots of Yucca District. The design was used to create three artistic elements at the new library: Terrazzo flooring, sandblasted entry glass windows and doors, and an outdoor wall sculpture made of Corten and stainless steel. In addition, Mr. Goldlust designed the artwork, Fiction is Freeing, for the reading nook in the children’s area.


Neighborhood Roots
Sugar Beets to Cotton and Beyond

Stainless steel relief sculpture
Sandblasted glass
Terrazzo floor

The three integrated art elements that make up the Neighborhood Roots installation celebrate the natural and agricultural history of Glendale and the local Yucca District. Regional iconography includes cotton, sugar beets, poppies, hummingbirds, quail, and dragonflies, among other symbols of the area. The three works weave these images, along with other whimsical and ornamental design elements, into an undulating latticework of line drawings that welcome visitors through the library’s entryway and atrium.

Fiction is Freeing
Reading Nook Mural

Fiction is Freeing builds upon the illustrative natural imagery found throughout the library’s other Neighborhood Roots artwork. Vines, poppies, bubbling water currents and cacti are knitted together into a wondrous web of life, inhabited by a collection of colorful exotic creatures. A diverse community of quizzical birds and fish explore their fantastical landscape, encountering one another for the first time—expanding their horizons, through the magic of imagination.

Pete received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2001 and states, “…my aim as a public artist is to work with communities to make their environments more engaging and beautiful, and to encourage the qualities of wonder, joy and play. I enjoy taking inspiration from the history of each site and tailor my intricate, often ornately detailed imagery, to suit the specific personality and flavor of each project.”

Until 2016, Pete resided for nearly a decade in Bisbee, Arizona. He and his family now reside in Eugene, Oregon.