General Plan

What Is The General Plan?

A General Plan provides vision and policies that determine how a city will grow and develop in the future. The City of Glendale's General Plan is a long-range comprehensive plan that guides development in the City by addressing various elements such as land use, housing, growth areas, urban design, military and aviation, open space, circulation, fiscal public health, environmental planning, energy, etc.

The Arizona State Statues requires municipalities to adopt, update, and readopt their General Plans every ten years. The Glendale City Council adopted an updated General Plan on April 26, 2016, which was also ratified by Glendale voters on August 30, 2016.

Please contact Tabitha Perry, Deputy Director, at 623-930-2800 or via email at  [email protected].


  To view the General Plan click the image below  To view the enlarged General Plan Land Use Map click the image below.
Envision Glendale 2040 General Plan   General Plan Land Use Designation Map

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