Civil Traffic Tickets

For tickets issued on or after June 7, 2023 please see the following document:

What to Do When You Receive a Civil Traffic Violation

When you receive a citation that contains a civil traffic offense only, you have several options:


If a charge on your complaint is marked as civil traffic, and you are eligible to attend a class, one moving violation may be dismissed by attending Defensive Driving School.  You may attend class for only ONE violation even if there are multiple eligible violations listed on the traffic ticket. You must pay a fine, appear in court or request a hearing for additional violations. 

Verify Eligibility and Register for Defensive Driving School.

Advantages of attending class for the violation:

  • There is no fine or conviction. (non CDL)
  • You do not appear in court.
  • No points are placed on your driving record.
  • Persons with a graduated license will not have to attend mandatory Traffic Survival School through MVD.
  • Persons with a red-light violation of any kind will not have to attend mandatory Traffic Survival School through MVD. Registration Instructions: Contact a school certified by the Arizona Supreme Court within seven days of receiving your traffic ticket. The school will notify you within two business days if you are not eligible. You must complete the class at least seven days before the court appearance date written on the traffic ticket. The school will give you the cost of their course. On the day of class, bring your driver license, traffic ticket and money order. The school does not accept cash or personal checks. Call (623) 930-2400 to replace a lost ticket.


You may pay your civil traffic violation(s) by phone, online, or by mail unless the violation:

• is marked Criminal Traffic, or
• involved an accident with serious injury or death, or 
• is not listed on the Fine/Sanction Schedule

  1. Review the Fine/Sanction Schedule to determine the fine amount for the violation(s). 

  2. Payment Options:
  • Online
  • Phone: (623) 930-2427 - No Fee
  • Mail: Include full name, citation number, and address.  Make Check or Money Order payable to Glendale City Court.  No two-party checks accepted.  No Cash Payments.
  • Drop Box: Located on the north side of the court building, adjacent to the entrance steps.  Make Check or Money Order payable to Glendale City Court.  No two-party checks accepted.  No Cash Payments.
  • Cash at CVS, 7-Eleven, Family Dollar & ACE Cash Express
  • In Person:  5711 W. Glendale Ave., Glendale, AZ 85301 during business hours.

3. Proof of Corrections for Mechanical, Registration, License & Insurance Violations:
If you cited with a charge and the accompanying fine can be reduced, or dismissed with proper proof of correction,
   it will be necessary for you to submit proof to the Court via email ([email protected]), USPS mail, or in
   person. Contact the Court for assistance with determining the amount of the reduced fine.  


Request a civil traffic hearing to contest the violation(s). You will have an opportunity to present evidence and have witnesses testify on your behalf. If you are found responsible, the fine(s) are due in full by 5 p.m. on the day of the hearing. A request for hearing must be made to the Court on or before the Appearance Date listed on the complaint by doing one of the following: 

  • In Person: 5711 W. Glendale Ave., AZ 85301 during business hours
  • Email: [email protected].  Include full name, citation number, mailing address and telephone number
  • Mail: Complete the “Request A Court Hearing” section on your complaint and mail at least seven (7) days prior to the appearance date.