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Glendale Municipal Airport Strategic Plan 2022-2027

The City has owned and maintained an airport since 1971, and the Glendale Municipal Airport (GEU) has been in its current location near Glendale and 99th Avenues since 1987. Today the Airport encompasses 477 acres of land, maintains a 7,150-foot-long runway, is one of the Phoenix-area’s primary general aviation pilot training facilities, houses 474 aircraft, and provides a wide variety of aviation services. The Airport is classified as a general aviation reliever airport for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and plays a vital role in the state’s aviation system. The Airport has been a fixture in the general aviation community in the greater Phoenix area and has grown organically through the years; however, the Airport has lacked clear direction and a concise plan to help propel it into the future.
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Airport Rules and Regulations Update - work in progress

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ALP Update and Narrative Report
ALP Update and Narrative Report May 2018

FAR Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study
Noise Exposure Maps - April 1994
Noise Compatibility Program - November 1994

Rules & Regulations
Glendale Municipal Airport Rules and Regulations - June 2014

Minimum Operating Standards
Glendale Municipal Airport Minimum Operating Standards - June 2014

Helpful Documents

Airport Master Plan - May 2009
Public Airport Disclosure Map - November 2001

Self-Fueling Permit:
For those individuals interested in self-fueling their own aircraft please contact the Airport Operations Supervisor at 623-930-4742 or [email protected].