Legislative Agenda

2022 State Legislative Agenda


The Glendale City Council urges the State Legislature to: 

  • Preserve and enhance the city’s ability to deliver quality and cost-effective services to Glendale citizens and visitors.
  • Preserve and enhance the City Council’s ability to serve Glendale residents by retaining local decision making authority and maintaining state legislative and voter commitments for revenue sources.



Preservation of State Shared Revenue

The city supports the retention of state shared sales and income tax revenues at the 18% distribution level and opposes any reduction or cap in state shared revenues, either directly or through the creation of exemptions, unless equal revenue sources are made available. 


Maintaining Revenue Streams/Directed Funding Sources

The city supports the full disbursement levels of existing revenue streams including the Heritage Fund, the Highway User Revenue Fund (HURF), the Vehicle License Tax (VLT) and the Maricopa County half-cent sales tax for transportation.  The city opposes diversions of these funds by the Legislature.


Preservation of Local Taxing Authority

The city supports the retention of local taxing authority and the maintenance of fiscally balanced revenue sources. The city opposes legislation that will shift a greater tax burden to homeowners as a consequence of restructuring property tax assessment ratios.  Furthermore, the city supports the efforts of the Municipal Tax Code Commission to make tax collection more efficient.


Unfunded Mandates

The city opposes unfunded state mandates placed on local jurisdictions, and encourages the legislature to evaluate the fiscal impact such mandates will have on communities prior to considering the issue.


The city opposes any attempt to limit local control over, or ability to execute economic development projects, and supports any effort to enhance the range of economic development mechanisms at a municipality's disposal.


The city supports maintaining local authority in land use planning issues and supports legislative efforts that promotes more orderly growth and opposes efforts that impede growth management, including the preservation of local authority to set land use policies and support for citizen involvement in the planning and zoning process. Furthermore, the city opposes legislation that would restrict a municipality’s ability to redevelop under-performing areas.


The city recognizes the importance of preserving the mission viability of Luke Air Force Base and the importance of the base to our national security interests, state and local economies, and to the retirees who rely on Luke for services. The city supports the retention of existing state statutes relating to military installations, and the development of legislation that limits encroachment of all types, supports compatible land uses around such facilities, and ensures the capability for future mission expansions.


The city supports initiatives to preserve and enhance the quality of life in neighborhoods and protect the rights of citizens to actively engage in the development of public policy.


The city supports initiatives to preserve and enhance the ability of local governments to strategically plan for and respond to emergencies.


The city supports regional coordination in transportation planning but opposes efforts that limit local control in the transportation decision-making process.  The city supports the voter approved Proposition 400 and opposes efforts to hinder the implementation of the Regional Transportation Plan.  Furthermore, the council supports efforts that grant cities and towns the additional ability to provide for transportation improvements.


The city supports efforts that ensure the wise use of natural resources and promotes environmentally sensitive and sustainable development.