City Of Glendale Community Alert System

City Of Glendale Community Alert System
Posted on 10/05/2023

City Of Glendale Rolls Out Community Alert System
Emergency notifications are delivered directly to citizens

The city of Glendale is implementing an emergency notification system to alert citizens to critical situations in the community. The Community Alert System offers a multichannel approach through email, phone calls or text messages and uses geo-targeting to notify citizens of events.

The system is free and available to anyone who lives, works or spends time in Glendale.

To sign up for notifications:
  1. Download the Everbridge app through the Apple or Google Play Store on a mobile device or sign up through
  2. In the Everbridge app, type "City of Glendale Citizens" in the search bar
  3. Follow the prompts to sign up and select alerting preference (phone call, text message or email)
  4. Include the associated Glendale address for notifications

“Public safety is our top priority and this notification system is the quickest and most far-reaching mode to share information when seconds truly matter,” said Deputy City Manager Rick St. John. “We encourage residents, and anyone who spends time in Glendale, to take advantage of the Community Alert System and ensure accurate and timely information is sent directly to you.”

Information in the Everbridge app is only used for hazardous or emergency situations by the city’s emergency management team and contact information is never shared. The system does not receive messages. Users should report emergencies by calling 911.

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