Code Compliance


To maintain established community standards that preserve and promote the health, safety and living environment of our community and neighborhoods. 


About Us

Code Compliance is responsible for ensuring compliance with city codes and ordinances.

We ensure compliance with codes that generally pertain to vacant land and existing structures.  The codes include regulations that apply to building, fire, general nuisance, health and safety, property maintenance, rental property and zoning. 

Our department has primary enforcement responsibility for numerous city codes but also works in partnership with various departments to ensure both residents and businesses are in compliance with city code regulations.  Some of the typical cases opened are overgrown grass/weeds, trash and debris, parking on the front yard, and items stored in public view.  In 2018 our division addressed 8,175 cases. 

Inspection Process

Code violation cases can be created by calling our office or by submitting an online concern. Some cases are opened proactively by the inspector.

When a concern is received a code inspector will complete an initial inspection of the property in question within 3 business days. Please keep in mind this is contingent on the code inspector’s scheduled days off and holidays.

At the time of the initial inspection (visit to the property), the code inspector will determine if the property is in violation. If a violation is observed, appropriate enforcement action will be taken on the property. 

Upon reinspection, the inspector may extend the timeframe for completion or issue a citation and begin the court process if necessary. 

Saturday Inspections

Code Compliance inspectors perform inspections on Saturdays. Staff check the call-in line, 623-930-3610, throughout the day for complaints of violations that occur primarily on the weekends such as continuous/excessive yard sales and running a business in a residential neighborhood. Be sure to leave your contact information so an inspector can follow-up with you once an inspection is completed.
Code Process

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