Scheduling Inspection

1 - Dial 623-915-3263 from a touch-tone phone.
2 - Press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish.
3 - Press 1 to schedule and inspection.
4 - Enter the numeric portion of your permit number followed by the pound key (#)
5 - Verify that the correct site address was spoken.
6 - Enter the three-digit inspection code you wish to schedule (please refer to list at the end of this document).
7 - Verify that the correct inspection type was spoken.
8 - Press 1 to schedule an inspection for the next business day (only if calling prior to 4:00 a.m.) or to schedule an inspection for a different day listen to the recorded message for further options.
9 - Press 2 to continue.
10 - Verify the correct inspection day is spoken.
11 - Press 1 to hear your confirmation number if this is the only inspection you will be scheduling for this call or Press 2 to schedule another inspection on the same permit number or Press 3 to schedule another inspection on a different permit number.
12 - Verify that your confirmation number is spoken.
13 - Press zero for the operator at any time for assistance

Inspection Codes