Murphy Park Reinvestment

Recently, my office has received questions regarding the reinvestment into Murphy Park. Below are the answers to the most frequently raised concerns.


QUESTION: Is the tree-shaded gathering place for multiple generations of Glendale residents going away to make way for a concrete plaza?

ANSWER: Murphy Park is an important historical asset to everyone in the city and is not in danger of needing to be saved or protected despite what you may have heard. The truth is, the City intends to reinvest in the park so that we can ensure it is healthy and accessible for many generations to come.

QUESTION: Over the past few years, has the City has removed the park trees from the irrigation schedule and not used dedicated grant funds to enhance and improve the park with the intention to have all the trees removed?

ANSWER: The City continues to water the trees and landscaping in Murphy Park. In 2005, the City stopped using flood irrigation to water the park. Instead, it was replaced by a traditional sprinkler irrigation system.

QUESTION: Are all the trees diseased and need to be chopped down?

ANSWER: The City hired an arborist to provide a detailed assessment of the health of the tress in Murphy Park. There are a number of trees that are diseased in the park and must be removed. There is no intention to get rid of all the trees and replace them with xeriscape or other desert landscaping. It is expected the healthy trees will remain in the park and continue to be decorated with traditional holiday lights.

QUESTION: Why would the city mislead the residents with inaccurate renderings?

ANSWER: The overall project is in the very beginning stages, and the process of designing the project, including Murphy Park, has not formally started. The concerns that have been raised are based on an artist's conceptual drawing that staff used in a City Council Workshop presentation regarding only the project's financing. The City’s project team is currently working with the contracted architect to develop a process that will include community feedback.