Real Time Crime Center

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The mission of the Glendale Police Departments Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is to utilize technology to safe guard the wellbeing of our community and enhance citizen and officer safety.


The RTCC is a technology driven support center which uses state of the art technology to provide vital information to officers and detectives on scene. The benefits of the RTCC includes real time information sharing, crime prevention and reduction, and increased public safety.

Advanced technology is revolutionizing how cities locate, prevent and mitigate crime. RTCC operators are using this technology to their advantage to map and integrate various law enforcement tools such as computer aided dispatch (CAD) automated police vehicle locator (AVL), license plate readers (LPR), city owned and other authorized CCTV cameras. These tools allow RTCC operators the ability to be virtually on-scene prior to the call being dispatched. This allows the operators to provide first responders with critical information to specific incidents, provide situational awareness ahead of officer arrival, and enhance investigative capabilities of the department.

The RTCC has been in operation since 2019 and has integrated over 1,700 CCTV cameras. The RTCC has assisted in increasing the solvability of cases that may have otherwise been unsolved, while also increasing safety within the community.  We have established relationships with multiple public and private entities and are always looking to develop new partnerships within the community.

Camera Registration Program 

The City of Glendale would like the opportunity to partner with our community members and private businesses to keep our city safe. Our Community Watch Program and City Watch Program allows for citizens and businesses to register privately owned cameras with the Glendale Police Department. 

All businesses and residents are encouraged to participate. View the tabs below to gain insight on each program or to fill out the registration form. 

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Frequently Asked Question 

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