Floodplain Management

Community Rating System

Floodplain management is a community-based program through theStorm Ahead Sighn implementation of the Community Rating System in an effort to prevent or reduce the risk of flooding, resulting in a more resilient community.

What is the Community Rating System (CRS)?
It is a voluntary incentive program developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that recognizes communities for implementing floodplain management practices that exceed the Federal minimum requirements of the NFIP to provide protection from flooding.

The three CRS goals:
Goal 1: Reduce and avoid flood damage to insurable property.
Goal 2: Strengthen and support the insurance aspects of the NFIP.
Goal 3: Encourage comprehensive floodplain and stormwater management.

Glendale participates in the CRS program and has a Premium Reduction Rating of 7, which give floodplain insurance policies within the City of Glendale, a discount of 15%.

Elevation Certificates

To view properties in Glendale that have Elevation Certificates please contact the Engineering staff at 623-930-3630 or email [email protected].

The Engineering Department has the following Elevation Certificates on file and a copy is available upon request.

Sample Elevation Certificate


  • 5082 NW Grand Avenue
  • 4643 W Marshall Avenue
  • 7439 W Reade Avenue
  • 7445 W Reade Avenue
  • 7721 N Reams Road
  • 7723 N Reams Road
  • 5115 N 177th Lane
  • 18212 N 61st Drive
  • 18218 N 61st Drive
  • 5810 N 49th Avenue
  • 5640 N 48th Lane
  • 5523 N 47th Avenue
  • 5529 N 47th Avenue
  • 5535 N 47th Avenue
  • 5534 N 46th Lane
  • 5533 N 46th Lane
  • 5528 N 46th Lane
  • 5527 N 46th Lane
  • 5523 N 46th Lane
  • 5522 N 46th Lane
  • 5521 N 46th Lane