Specialized Aviation Services Operations

Specialized Aviation Service Operations (SASO) are defined by the Federal Aviation Administration as single-service providers or special fixed-base operators performing less than full services. These types of companies differ from a full-service FBO in that they typically offer only a specialized aeronautical service such as aircraft sales, flight training, aircraft maintenance, or avionics services for example.
Examples of SASOs are companies that provide aircraft technical services; avionics repair and installation; reciprocating engine repair and overhaul; turbine engine hot section and overhaul; aircraft component and accessory overhaul; standalone flight schools; specialized vendors of pilot supplies; aircraft detailing and cleaning services; and aircraft in-flight catering services.
Please read the Glendale Municipal Airport Minimum Operating Standards under Airport documents - Articles 3 and 8.  2014-MinimumOperatingStandards-Final.pdf
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