Parking and Public Transportation

Is there public transportation to the Stadium for the Super Bowl?

Glendale is adding and extending its bus services and matching the Valley Metro’s bus service services – Service will go to every 30 min on Glendale Avenue and on Cardinals Way – We are extending service to midnight.

For additional information about public transportation with Valley Metro, please visit their page here.

Ride Share Pick Ups and Drop-offs – Where are these spots located throughout the city?

We have 2 locations within the arena area. They are as follows:

1. The black Lot 95th and Montebello (south of Cardinals Way).


2. South side of Glendale Avenue between 95th Avenue and 93rd Avenue


There are no other Park and ride services that are being planned – We do have shuttle service for employees ( Remote site (Fairgrounds)

Parking Lots – Where are these located?

See map below: